The whirling derwishes of Istanbul

The whirling derwishes of Istanbul

But don’t join us without your music. We have a celebration here. Rise and beat the drums.

We are in extasy – Drunk, but not from wine made of grapes.

This is the night of the sema. When we whirl to ecstasy. There is light now, There is light, there is light.

This is true love, Which means farewell to the mind. There is farewell today, farewell.

Tonight each flaming heart is a friend of music. Longing for your lips, My heart pours out of my mouth.

You are made of feeling and thought and passion; The rest is nothing but flesh and bone.
We are the soul of the world, Not heavy or sagging like the body. We are the spirit’s treasure, Not bound to this earth, to time and space.

How can they talk to us of prayer-rugs and piety? We are the hunter and the hunted, autumn and spring, Night and Day, Visible and Hidden.

Love is our mother. We were born of love.”

(Photo: © Daniela Scheible 2013)


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